Manager Reports

In addition to their Monday Manager reports, supervisors have two types of reports they can run (available under Manager Menu - Reports).

1. Track reports include learning tracks assigned to your subordinates, including each subordinate's current status. Choose to summarize by:

  • track name - select Learning Track Status By Track
  • learner name - select Learning Track Status By Learner

2. History reports include complete history (all transcripts) completed by your subordinates. Choose to summarize by:

  • course name - select Training History By Course
  • learner name - select Training History By Learner

Compliance Officer Reports

All reports available for Managers are also available for Compliance Officers. Filter tools are available after the report is selected.

report fiter options

Impersonate PI/Supervisor

The Impersonate tool is a quick way to view compliance for all of a specific PI/supervisor's team members (HR and ad hoc team). Impersonate the PI/supervisor, then go to Manager Menu - Reports.

More reports are under development.

Custom Reports

Contact the Helpdesk (517-884-4500 or for assistance with personalized reports including RCR reports