Standard Reports

In addition to Monday Manager reports, there are standard reports available at Manager Menu > Reports.

1. Track reports include learning tracks assigned to your team members, including each team member's current status. Choose to summarize by:

  • track name - select Learning Track Status By Track
  • learner name - select Learning Track Status By Learner

2. History reports include complete history (all transcripts) completed by your team members. Choose to summarize by:

  • course name - select Training History By Course
  • learner name - select Training History By Learner


Upon selecting a report, you will get all results by default (ShowAll). You can restrict results by clicking the Add Filter icon. You'll be taken to a page where you can select a field and method. Enter a filter name to save it to the dropdown list. Continue to hone the report results by clicking the Edit filter icon.

report fiter options

Use the printer icon or Excel icon if you want to save or share the results.  

Examples of filtering reports.


Custom Reports

Contact the Helpdesk (517-884-4500 or for assistance with viewing large data sets, including RCR reports