About Ability

The compliance training system is used by many programs that require training for MSU employees and students.


EHS courses completed = 49%. RCR courses completed = 22%


Training completions have grown exponentially over past 15 years
Some of the rise in training numbers can be attributed to better tracking. An increase in federal training requirements (e.g. RCR, TitleIX) have also increased compliance training. The Ability training compliance system recorded approximately 90,000 course completions in 2018. 

Link to 2016 Report of Enterprise effect of ORA training system2016 Report on ORA training system impact.pdf

Connected Systems

Training-related data is imported from some vendors and transferred between several systems on campus. Data transfer schedules

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The compliance training system is a resource for ensuring important training be completed on schedule and in accordance with regulations, MSU policy, and other best practices.