Manager Resources

We recommend printing or saving the Manager User Guide.pdf and viewing this 3 minute video overview specifically for primary investigators, project team leaders, direct supervisors,...

Monday Morning Manager Report

Rather than a copy of every subordinates' expiration emails, in Ability you receive a single compiled report that includes:

  • Expired and/or overdue training for your subordinates
  • Training due within the week for your subordinates

You will not receive an email if your team does not have any urgent training concerns.

Updating Subordinates

To update ad-hoc team members, indicated by Report Type = A, contact the help desk at Ad-hoc teams are used to indicate supervisory relationships not represented in MSU HR (e.g., research groups, volunteers). 

To update HR team members, indicated by Report Type = HR, ask your Unit HR Administrator to update EBS. These records are populated by Ability's nightly HR feed. If employees have left the department, ensure positions have been terminated in EBS. If supervisors are not current, steps to view and update supervisors in EBS are available at:

hr vs ad-hoc team members

Updating Training Requirements

Managers can add and delete tracks for all their subordinates. The Manager User Guide.pdf or the video above will show you how to do this.

If you see training that is unrelated to your subordinate's duties under you, it may be related to a past position or a current job or academic program requirement. You can ignore any that do not apply. Or you can check with your subordinate or in Ability under the Learner Employment tab for other managers/positions. 

Proxy Responsibility

Managers are responsible for ensuring subordinates receive timely training to ensure safe, legal, and ethical activities at Michigan State University. Ability makes it much easier for Managers to view and edit training for your subordinates. However, managers may elect to give some responsibility for assigning and monitoring training compliance to an assistant.

An easy way to delegate some authority for your subordinates' training is to forward your Monday Morning Report to an assistant as long as MSU data privacy policy is followed. Be particularly mindful of FERPA rules if you are supervising students. 

Alternatively, managers can request their list be added to another person's subordinate list. Email to set this up. When communicating with the helpdesk for changes in team membership, it is important for the proxy to name the supervisor whose list is being changed. Including the manager's netID or copying the manager in the email is also helpful. 

Training Compliance

Training in many cases is required by law. Training that is overdue or expired risks injuries, lawsuits against individuals and the University, funding from government agencies, and risks the reputation of researchers and the University. Encourage your team to complete training before due dates by speaking positively about training opportunities and acting upon Monday Morning Reports. Training that remains out of compliance for more than 30 days may be escalated to a higher supervisor.

Pro/Con on various privileges for supervisors in the training system