Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct (aka RVSM, SARV)

Questions & comments including requests for an accommodation can be directed to the Prevention, Outreach & Education department at

Online Course FAQ

  • Course doesn't launch

    System Requirements - For a white screen, switch to Chrome or Firefox browser. These courses rely in part on narration and other audio. Some activities and content may not work on some portable devices.* 

    Launch Error # message - The RVSM courses are streamed from the vendor site. If their system goes down, you may get a 302, 303, 304, 305 error message or frozen screen. This can also cause the course to freeze. Please try again later. 

    Page missing/wrong address message - Please report any wrong address message if it is not noted on the login page at The RVSM courses are streamed through vendor sites. The MSU-ORA team may not be aware of the problem. 

    For additional technical assistance, visit the Everfi site FAQ.

  • Employee Course - I can't move the course forward

    Navigate by Clicking Image

    In some pages, you must click an image to go to the next section. Once completed, you'll be brought back to this page to click the next image/section. 
    Click image to go to next section

    In other pages, you navigate by selecting your response. Based on your answers, you may end up seeing the same options again. This provides an opportunity to learn more effective responses. 
    Click the response you will make


    Dragging Answer to Box

    Some questions require you to click on an answer box and drag to the Submit box. The scenario below in particular has been reported to not work with a Surface Pro stylus or finger swipe. 
    Drag an image to the submit box


  • Students Course - I can't go to Next page

    The first page of the grad student course requires clicking all of the boxes on the left side of the screen. That will make the Next button active for clicking forward to the next slide. page-1-grad-rvsm

    Some scenarios requiring playing a series of videos that must be clicked after making your response or selecting an option.  Click play button at bottom of screen

  • I can't close or finish the course

    If you reached the last page (message of completed or finished), try to close the window. Your progress should be recorded.


    The track can take up to 5 minutes to update status of course completion. 

    Course Completion/Finish Trigger

    Use the EXIT button at top-right of page before you close the window. If you are on the last page, the "Launch the Course" pop-up page should update to include Completed and a 100 score. To verify the course recorded as complete, close course windows.  Go to My Menu > My Transcript. Email if you need assistance. 
    Click EXIT at top-right of screen


Student Workshops FAQ

New events are now posted in the Ability calendar for 2020. 

  • Why can't I enroll?

    You can only enroll in a SARV workshop if you are in Year 1 track.
    You can only enroll in Bystander workshop if you are in Year 2 track.
    You can only enroll in the RVSM online courses if you are assigned to the related tracks.*
    You can only enroll in workshops if there are open events on the calendar.**
    You can only enroll in 1 event for any course at a time.***

    *Not every student is enrolled at the same time. The program is rolled out over several weeks. You will be assigned by a formula and sent an email notification when you are able to enroll. 

    **You can only enroll in SARV or Bystander workshop if the Title IX POE unit has events scheduled for enrollment. At certain times in the year, they will add more events to the calendar. Please be patient while they are adding new events. You can check back periodically or you can wait to receive an email when a new semester's events have been added. 

    ***If you are already enrolled (with a seat or waitlist) and you want to change to a different date/location, you must first cancel that enrollment. However, once the date of your enrolled event arrives, you will have to wait for the instructors to enter attendance and close the event. It is typically 1-3 days to release your current/previous enrollment. So avoid delays by cancelling in advance.


  • Should I show up to event even if I do not have reserved seat?

    Log in and go through the My Requirements tab to ensure you see events that fit the track you are assigned. The formula for assigning students to specific "year" tracks is not based on academic progress (not divided by status as Freshman, Sophomore...). Attendance at the wrong event (e.g. Bystander instead of SARV) will not be transferrable. 

    Enrollment is based on maximum seating for the location. Please do not try to take a seat of an enrolled student. However, sometimes enrollees do not show. If you have a low waitlist number and do show up for the event, let staff know at the door what number you have. They may be able to fit you in. There are no guarantees for walk-ins.

  • I've heard about the training, but I can't find it?

    You will receive an email notifying you of assignment to RVSM or SARV training.

    Student email notifications and access to registration is rolled out alphabetically for each group in the fall. When you enroll for the future academic semesters also impacts when you are notified.

    Training assignment is based on academic calendar (Fall to Fall) and not rolling enrollment.

  • How can I get my grades if I can't wait for training?

    Access to certain information for students is automatically blocked in until your SARV/RVSM training is recorded as complete. This is a policy of the MSU Title IX Office, POE unit.

    Note that your grades are not withheld, nor is your diploma. However grades will be blocked from view in until your attendance is recorded. Posted grades can be viewed in the separate system MSU Degree Navigator > Course List.

    You can view or change your schedule with the StuInfo block in place, by logging into Schedule Builder.  We also recommend seeking an Academic-Advisor for assistance.


Different Audiences & Tracks

  • Regular Employees
    Regular employees are automatically assigned to RVSM. If you did not receive an email with instructions, you can still login at and click into My Requirements tile to get started. If you believe you are being misdirected to the Initial course rather than the Refresher, contact
  • On-Call/Temp, Contractor, other MSU Affiliates

    On-Call/Temps and contractors - You only need to complete training if your employing unit requires training. Units or supervisor can assign the biennially Other Affiliates training track.

    Or you can be assigned to just enroll in one-time course.

  • Students
    Please visit the for details about the different training programs. Contact if you believe you should be in a different group or have other concerns. 

    Assignment/Email Schedule

    Student training (RVSM & SARV) will begin again in the fall by a phased roll-out based on how much time the student has been on campus, whether undergrad or grad student, whether a regular employee also, as well as other criteria. Each group will begin receiving emails in alphabetical order over.

    EVERY FALL, the assignment of undergrad student training starts anew. The training period runs from August 15-August14 the following year. It is possible that you completed training in May 2020 and be required to complete training again in September 2020.

    Effective September 24, 2019, students will not be able to access their grades in until their SARV/RVSM training is successfully completed (attendance or online course as assigned).

  • General Formula for Track Assignment

    Most people will only be assigned 1 track*


    Visio-Click for enlarged view

    *Track Assignment: The Other Affiliates track can be added by a supervisor or by the worker. All other tracks are auto-assigned by formula per MSU policy in nightly update process. *A regular employee who is also an undergrad student or a student employee may be required to complete both biennial employee and annual student training.

    Accommodations: While members of the MSU community are assigned to specific training based on several criteria, accommodations are made for special circumstances that are not programmed into the automated assignment process. Please contact if you believe your situation requires a different program. 

    Undergrad "Year": Note that "year 1" and "year 2" are not defined by academic status (e.g. freshman, sophomore...), but upon several other criteria such as when the student arrived initially on campus. 

    I've Graduated but still getting emails: Student training is assigned if you were enrolled in any semester during the academic year. You will continue to receive email reminders (which you can ignore) even if you graduated earlier in the year.