Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct (aka RVSM, SARV)

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Other questions & comments including requests for an accommodation can be directed to the Prevention, Outreach & Education department at

Tips for Online Course

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    These courses rely in part on narration and other audio.
    Some activities and content may not work on some portable devices.* 

2. Use the EXIT button at top-right of page before you close the window. If you are on the last page, the launch pop-up page should update to include a 100 score. To verify the course recorded as complete, close course windows.  Go to My Menu > My Transcript. Email if you need assistance. 
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3. In some pages, you must click an image to go to the next section. Once completed, you'll be brought back to this page to click the next image/section. 
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5. In other pages, you navigate by selecting your response. Based on your answers, you may end up seeing the same options again. This provides an opportunity to learn more effective responses. 
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For additional technical assistance, visit the Everfi site FAQ


  • Regular Employees
    Regular employees are automatically assigned to RVSM. If you did not receive an email with instructions, you can still login at and click into My Requirements tile to get started. If you believe you are being misdirected to the Initial course rather than the Refresher, contact
  • On-Call/Temp Employees
    On-call/Temp employees can login, click Extra Courses > Catalog Search > enter RVSM or use the link for initial training.
  • Students
    Please visit the for details about the different training programs. Contact if you believe you should be in a different group or have other concerns. 

    Assignment/Email Schedule

    Student training (RVSM & SARV) will begin again in the fall by a phased roll-out based on how much time the student has been on campus, whether undergrad or grad student, whether a regular employee also, as well as other criteria. Each group will begin receiving emails in alphabetical order over.

    Effective September 24, 2019, students will not be able to access their grades in until their SARV/RVSM training is successfully completed (attendance or online course as assigned).