CITI Programs

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MSU's license with CITI Programs provides access to RCR, export controls, clinical research, data security, and animal care training.

IF your primary and preferred EMAIL ADDRESS in CITI follows the structure, your completed course records are imported into the Ability LMS system the following week. Change email(image)

Graduate Students, Undergrads and others funded by NSF or USDA - You may answer "No or Not at all" to questions except, Question 3. Add "MSU Graduate School RCR Program." 

Clinical Researchers - You may answer "No or Not at all" to questions except Question 7; select "GCP for Clinical Trials." 

How to Enroll in CITI RCR Courses

Video Walkthrough

Video represents the general process for enrollment and not all CITI Program site changes.

Written Instructions

  1. Log in to FIRST TIME you will get warning that you are creating a new account. If asked, we recommend approving the merge of any previous accounts.
  2. Click "Michigan State University (MSU) Courses"
  3. Click "Add a Course"
  4. Scroll down to question 3 and choose correct group
    (Answer 'No' to other question topics. You can always add them later)
  5. Click Submit button.
    (Read the course info, if necessary.) (Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement, if necessary)
  6. Begin modules by clicking their name.
  7. Check My Profile to ensure your Preferred Email address is your

What if I need more than one RCR group?

You may choose a different group at any time.

The RCR groups have many of the same modules. If you complete a module for one group and later select another group, that module will remain 'completed.'

CITI Transcript Import into MSU system

Use Email

Using the login button on this site automatically ensures your group completions are imported weekly into MSU's system. Otherwise, you must update a previously set-up CITI account with your email as your preferred primary email. Other variants (e.g., will not work.


Modules that you complete in CITI will be imported into the Ability LMS ( on Thursday afternoon.

Note that your module completions are not released for import into MSU's training system until you have completed all required modules in that group.