Meeting Rooms

All ORA employees have the ability to schedule a meeting in any of the rooms on the garden level and first floor.

  • B2, B38, 101,111, 118, 143 and 156

As the demand for conference rooms is high, please select the meeting room based on the number of people in your meeting, rather than location of the meeting room. For example, if six or less people need to meet, please consider using the smaller rooms (111 and 118) rather than tie up the larger rooms.

  • How to view calendar to see if a room is available?
    1. Go to your calendar
    2. Click on FOLDER at the very top of the screen
    3. Click on OPEN CALENDAR
    4. From the drop down menu click FROM ADDRESS BOOK
    5. In the search field type COLLINS and hit return
    6. All of the conference room calendars for the garden level and first floor will display
    7. Click on the calendar you would like to view
    8. Once you have opened a calendar it will automatically be saved under your “saved calendars/Rooms” on the bottom left side of the screen.
    9. You may have to scroll down to see the calendar.

    NOTE: If this does not work in Outlook application, try logging into your calendar at
  • How to reserve a room for your meeting?
    1. After you have determined which room you would like to use, Open YOUR calendar and create a meeting/event.
    2. When the window opens for you to add your meeting information, click on ROOMS on the right side of the screen (next to location).
    3. All of the rooms on our floors at Collins will display.
    4. Double click on the room you would like to reserve and then click okay.
    5. Finish adding your meeting and inviting your guests.

    Note: if you try to schedule your meeting at the same time a different meeting is already scheduled, you will automatically receive an email letting you know your reservation has been denied.
  • Assistance with reserving rooms please?

    If you have any questions about reserving rooms please feel free to contact

  • Meeting Transportation
    Parking at 4000 Collins Road is free. Contact Sherry Wassner if you need shuttle transportation between campus and 4000 Collins Road for meetings.