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-- assisting the MSU community in understanding & complying with the laws, regulations & standards for research, teaching, and other University activities.


April 2018

IACUC Project Approvals moving to Click software

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee will begin using the new Click software system soon. Beginning in May, researchers and educations will use Click to apply for approval to use animals for University activities. Webinar training dates for the new system have been scheduled.

March 2018

Meet Sheryl Crawford - Newest IT Staff

I have been in Information Technology for many years. Prior to coming to ORA, I was with MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine for 3 years where I was the PACS Administrator. Before coming to MSU, I was with the City of Lansing for 18 years. My primary role was to support the Lansing Police Departments IT needs. I enjoy helping people to feel comfortable with their computers and the applications they use to perform their jobs. I have lived in Lansing for most of my life. I have a husband, 2 adult children, and a granddaughter. My husband & I are the primary caretakers of a 200 acre family farm in Isabella county. We also enjoy traveling in our motorhome.

January 2018

RCR Training Opportunities

There are still some opportunities for grad students to complete their required face-to-face responsible conduct of research (RCR) training this year. The Grad School Workshops are held in the evening, 6:00-7:30 pm, in the Erikson Hall Kiva.

  • Use of Animal Subjects, January 25, 2018 - Register
  • Research Misconduct, February 8, 2018 - Register
  • Rigor and Reproducibility, March 1, 2018 - Register

Questions about RCR training and tracking can be directed to or 517-884-4600. 

Seasons Greetings to All!

December 2017
Happy Holidays! We'll be closed Dec 25-26 and Jan 1-2

Research Administration System - ClickTM

October-November 2017

Human subject researchers will need to use the new software for their projects beginning in December 2017. Register now for live online introduction to IRB software. 

For additional updates visit 

Help us select a new training system

August 2017

Currently ORA offers Saba Learning Management System (LMS) for registration, delivery, content management, and reporting of training. After 6 years, the current regulatory learning management system (Saba LMS) is nearing the end of its licensing and hardware warranty periods. Now it is even more important to find a robust product, with user-friendly interfaces, and minimal maintenance costs. During the past few years, several separate systems were combined within ORA's Saba LMS. Requirements for training are expected to increase. The current market offers opportunities to improve functionality and save costs.

A committee of ten stakeholders representing Animal Care, Environmental Health & Safety units, Infrastructure Planning & Facilitites, and IT concerns has been prioritizing MSU's needs and reviewing documentation.

Help us by giving feedback during the online product demonstrations (August 15, 16, 17 or sending specific suggestions to the selection committee via

New Features for Training Records

July 2017

If your unit needs to review training records, new options are available:

  • Training records in EDW - Approved users can pull the following data from the ORA Enterprise Data Warehouse tables: trainee identifiers (e.g. names, netID, UUID, PID), course name, completion date, certification name and dates, and other info. Updated ORA training data is sent to EDW daily. 
  • Job titles in Saba LMS - Managers, HR administrators and compliance officers can now view individual's job titles in the Learning Management System to improve accuracy in assigning training programs. Employees' primary job title is updated weekly. Example search screen

Contact the Helpdesk at for information on E-ARM requests or Saba system's standard reports and views.

Research Administration System

July 2017

For more information & updates visit

New Location - 4000 Collins Road

April-May 2017

The Office of Regulatory Affairs and its subunits are moving their offices. Starting April 19th, ORA administrative, HRPP/IRB, COI, and Animal Care Program (IACUC & CAR) administrative and training personnel will be gradually moving from their present scattered locations (Olds Hall, W Fee Hall, Hagadorn Road) to 4000 Collins Road, Lansing, MI 48910. The move brings all units under a single roof. Further, the ORA group will share the Collins Road building with MSU's Environmental Health & Safety. Phone numbers and email addresses will not change. Mailing addresses will be updated on respective websites as soon as each unit moves. The last group is expected to be fully moved into Collins Road by the end of May.

HIPAA and Fraud Awareness training now in Saba LMS

February 2017

Several courses provided by the MSU Health Team can now be accessed by login at HIPAA, Fraud Awareness, Using NP/PA in Practice were previously hosted in D2L. Now clinical personnel will be able to monitor this training along with their bloodborne, biosafety, chemical safety, any human subjects protection or GCP training. Contact the HT Compliance Officer for more information -

January 2017

Animal Facility Orientations - Enroll now

As part of Campus Animal Resource's 2017 effort to help researchers get started, several different facility orientations have been scheduled each week. Complete pre-requisite access forms and training (access procedures). Then check out the calendar for an orientation that fits your schedule (

Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) training - Moved

Effective, January 16th, ORA will no longer host RVSM training. The Office of Institutional Equity has contracted with an external vendor to deliver and track RVSM training for employees and graduate students in addition to undergraduates. The new program will begin in February. Contact OIE for updated information - T: 517-884-8682.

December 2016
Happy Holidays from ORA

Team Dashboard Enhancements

November 2016

Team DashboardA new video provides a quick introduction to the Team Dashboard in the regulatory training system. Other resources include a handout.pdf and a personal walk-through of the system (call 517-884-4600).

Dan Krull has developed a process using SIS to inactivate students from the training system following graduation and/or a 1 year break in enrollment.  Students active in the HR employee system will not be inactivated. This process will minimize the number of unnecessary expiration emails that managers receive. P.I. and other managers are still welcome to request students and employees be removed right away to further minimize unnecessary emails.

NIH Clinical Research online training opportunity

October 2016

Once again, MSU is serving as registrar for anyone in Michigan seeking a certificate in clinical research. The Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR) series runs until spring 2017 and presentations are already online. Registration closes soon so learn more

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) - new guidelines

September 2016

To help prepare Michigan State University graduate students for their future scholarly work, a new plan for providing the foundation of responsible conduct has been developed in coordination with the Graduate School, the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Office, and college associate deans for graduate education (RCR written plan.pdf). The plan represents the basic university plan. Each department/program or college will develop a plan that at a minimum incorporates these university-level requirements.

  • The Graduate School RCR Workshop series may be used to help fulfill both the discussion-based training requirements and/or annual refresher requirement. (2016-17 registration links)
  • Students who are supported by NSF, NIH, or USDA grants may be required to complete additional specific training; they must meet the timeline and content requirements of training for that grant. (CITI Program)
  • Students engaged in research involving human subjects or animal use must complete training modules for those subjects before submitting IRB or IACUC approvals. These online courses are tracked in the ORA system also (detailed RCR options).

Training System - Direct Team Updated from HR

August 2016

Part of the import of Environmental Health & Safety training records was import of managers and their personnel lists into Alternate Teams of Saba LMS. Starting August 29, Direct Teams will be filled by a connection from MSU's human resources system. As a manager, you no longer need to let the Helpdesk know if someone on your Direct Team tab leaves MSU or transfers to another department. You only need to update your Alternate list.

Please be patient while the ORA team removes any duplicates from your Alternate Team. Contact the Helpdesk to learn more. Or view the Manager FAQ page.


New Faculty Orientation

August 2016

regulatory maze

While it may seem like a maze of policies, regulations, forms, and approvals, we can show you the best way through to begin your research the right way.

Look for your invitation to the August 23, 2016 event. Stop by our booth and talk to the experts on research involving human subjects or animals. Or contact us anytime for guidance. 


Health and Safety Courses Moved to Saba LMS

July 2016

EHS training image with July 31 date 

Along with Human Subjects, Animal Care, and CITI courses, you' can now check your EHS training records by logging into  Login with your MSU NetID and password to register and complete training, as well as to view your transcript of training. Training programs that will be delivered and tracked in the new system include all of EHS course list (e.g. Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Occupational Safety, etc.). 

Now is a good time to learn about Certifications, about viewing training records & running Reports, and about the Team Dashboard. Or feel free to check with the Helpdesk: 517-884-4600 or


Training System Update

March & April 2016

TimeAs part of this year's effort to continuously improve our information systems, the Office of Regulatory Affairs will be reviewing our options for training software. Currently ORA offers Saba Learning Management System (LMS) for registration, delivery, content management, and reporting of training. Future solutions to be considered include upgraded and cloud versions of Saba plus several other highly rated products.

MSU stakeholders are invited to participate in this process, beginning with demonstrations of several other LMS.   Sign-up to view demos or get more info.

Events for Researchers

February 2016
Mark your calendar with some of these best practice presentations in February. Topics range from grant-writing to research involving animals to protection of human subjects and will appeal to new and experienced researchers. Flyer.pdf


Streamlined IT Solution for ORA Units

January 2016

ORA's IT Unit has engineered an improvement for several clients. As their hardware is becoming obsolete, TableDan and Todd streamlined their environment from multiple devices to a single Microsoft tablet. The solution removes time spent shifting between desktop, laptop, and ipad and it also reduces costs. More about ORA's streamlining of clients' environment...

Environmental Health & Safety - Training Migration Planned Summer 2016

January 2016

Activities are underway to migrate the tracking and delivery of web-based training and face-to-face classes to the Saba LMS. Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, Occupational Safety records will be imported.

In a single portal, you will be able to: 

  • Register for any Human Subjects, Animal Care, or Environmental Health & Safety training
  • View and verify your transcript for any of those topics
  • Manage your team or unit's training from a single dashboard
  • Condensed Migration Schedule (view with MSU google apps login)



In December, the Office of Regulatory Affairs will be open during normal business hours and closed during the following University holidays (Dec 24, 25, 31, Jan 1). 


New to research this fall?

   If using human research participants, get IRB approval first.      If using animals, visit the Animal Care Program website for IACUC approval.     If using chemicals, new equipment, etc. get safety training at Environmental Health & Safety website.


NIH Clinical Research Training Opportunity

September 30, 2015

MSU is again serving as Michigan's remote-site coordinator for the NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research video training series. Registration is now closed, but look for another opportunity in Fall 2016. 2014-15 lectures available to the public.   


Environmental Health & Safety - Training Migration Planned Summer 2016

August 2015

Activities are underway to migrate the tracking and delivery of web-based training and face-to-face classes to the Saba LMS. Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, Occupational Safety records will be imported.

In a single portal, you will be able to: 

  • Register for any Human, Animal, and Environmental Health & Safety training
  • View and verify your transcript for any of those topics
  • Manage your team or unit's training from a single dashboard


TRAINING MOVED - Human Research Protection Program (HRPP/IRB)

July 20, 2015

MSU's training program for research involving human subjects has changed. Nearly 30,000 researcher records were imported into our LMS. Check your training records by login with your NetID (see My Training tab). 

To conduct research involving human subjects (including handling subjects data), you must complete the right training. The new policy requires completion of 1 of 3 different options:

      • Standard online course - for new researchers, or
      • Request waiver - for those with non-MSU training, or 
      • Refresher course - for those with training from the prior (legacy) system. 

Get started on the New Certification. Need help? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions list at or call 517-884-4600 weekdays. with your NetID 

June 4, 2015

You can now login with your NetID and password. Try it now! Or the next time you visit, just look for the Log in via SSObutton (image right). Look for Michigan State University in the list. If you've been using a different email address, you will be prompted for both you the MSU email address either by replacing or merging with your previous training records.Using your email provides several benefits:

  • You won't have to remember another password. 
  • Your CITI records can be combined with your other MSU training. 
  • SSO (single sign on) means if you login to one MSU's website system, you will be automatically logged in at other MSU online systems. 

MSU's Asst. V.P. of Regulatory Affairs testifies on importance of Research Funding

April 29, 2015

In his role as President of FASEB, J.R. Haywood testified in front of Washington, D.C. legislators about the importance of NIH funding.  Testimony.pdf

Dr. Haywood with Congressman Tom Cole.jpg



Human Research Protection Program -- TRAINING Changes

April 2015

The Human Research Protection Program will be moving IRB training records into ORA's training system. Soon researchers can register for IRB-required training at


Touchscreen Tips

March 2015

visitor using touchscreenORA is installing touchscreens at several campus locations. Some of the content will be building-specific while other info will be tips for researchers in general.

In addition to using the touchscreen itself, QR codes are available for storing links with a QR app.

Tell us what you'd like to see in your building. 


ORA Assisting in Sexual Harassment Policy Training for Faculty

January 2015

As part of its regulatory mission on campus, ORA is assisting the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Iniatives (i3) in the roll-out of its Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) Policy training. The training for faculty is one of several versions of the training directed at different audiences across campus. The faculty & staff version of the course will be hosted in ORA's LMS. It will cover the legal requirements of Title IX regulation and MSU policy.  

ORA also recently began hosting the I-9 Verifier Compliance training for Human Resources and the USDA - NIFA Research Integrity training. 

New Website for Animal Care Program -

November 2014

In the next few weeks, those with IACUC and ULAR business, including AUF submissions, purchasing and housing animals for teaching, research, or outreach, will soon notice a big change.


CITI Programs - New Modules

August 2014

Nine new modules are available to supplement the Human Subjects Research (HRS) series. They focus on protecting the rights of specific types of subjects.More...

You can now view your CITI Program course transcripts when you log into our You must use your email address in your CITI Programs profile. Updates from are on Fridays at 9:00 am.

Departments or Colleges seeking to verify their students or post-doc CITI Program training (e.g. animal care, human subjects, responsible conduct of research) are welcome to contact us for access to those transcripts. 

ORA Saba Test Environment is located here.