What's Different in the New Training System?


HIPAA and Fraud Awareness courses - Several courses that are provided by the Health Team have moved to Saba LMS (http://ora.msu.edu/train) from D2L. Now clinical personnel will be able to monitor this training along with their bloodborne, biosafety, chemical safety, any human subjects protection or GCP training.

Previous Changes

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Team Dashboard intro video - Some supervisors and investigators may not be aware of their ability to view and assign training in Saba. A very quick overview of the Team Dashboard features is available at https://goo.gl/Q9vdxK

Students are now inactivated in Saba when they leave the University (presumed after a 2 semester absence and/or graduation). This removes them from Team Dashboards and compliance reports.

The Grad School RCR workshops are now housed in Saba including online registration, scoring, and reporting. Students will see Workshop attendance record added to their training transcript in addition to their CITI completion records. More info at http://ora.msu.edu/responsible-conduct-research

The recent Firefox browser update has enabled using the back button on the browser.

Direct Manager relationships are now updated periodically through a connection with MSU HR system (through the data warehouse). Users will automatically be placed on the direct team of their supervisor of record which means expired training emails will begin going to their manager. Managers will automatically see these new employees. Likewise, shortly after an employee's manager changes, their previous manager will be replaced with a new manager. Managers and employees are encouraged to continue reporting additional personnel relationships (Alternate teams) to train@ora.msu.edu.
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Certifications in addition to Courses

The new system allows for more complexity in grouping online content, tracking both web and in-person events, notifications and reporting by using Certifications (quick video explaination).

If you are required to take a course for your job, you must register (or be registered) for the "Certification." You will be prompted to register for the specific course offering.

The Certification wrapper adds due dates, expiration dates and re-training email reminders to your training profile. It also means overdue training shows on your manager's team reports.

A course can have several "offerings" (web, live instructor-led). If there is not a current offering available, you can "Request an instructor-led offering." 

Find & Register for Course (or Certification) (2.5 min)

Ask your supervisor about which training you should be registered for. If you receive a message regarding a training topic that you do not believe is applicable, contact the Helpdesk and/or your supervisor about removing the requirement.

If you are not sure which course/s you should take, contact EHS@msu.edu.