Troubleshoot Warning pop-up messages and Errors

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a partial list of errors or warning messages a learner may encounter.  Contact the helpdesk if you still need assistance at 517-884-4600 (weekdays) or Online Message.

My screen turned blank when I clicked my browser's Back button!

  • Hit your browser's refresh/reload button. It can look different in each browser.    
  • Type into your browser's address to return to Home.
  • Use the Saba links, tabs, menu items instead of back button. 

For security, the system does not store previously viewed pages. To navigate, click tabs, links, and Saba screen Back buttons instead of using your browser buttons. 

"Registration could not be completed" message

"Security" warnings.

Many warning pop-up messages can be eliminated by enabling All pop-ups for the website The following are examples. Approving these do not pose any threat to your computer security.  

IE security warning pop-up

I completed the assignment, but it still shows "Not Evaluated."

In some browsers, some of the time, you must refresh the screen in order for the Successful completion to be seen. Click into the My Completed Courses tab in the left-side menu to verify the course is complete. If the course is not registering your work properly, contact the Helpdesk at or 517-884-4600. 

"A Content Player is already open. Please close the existing player and launch the content." 

If you did not properly exit from a course or system window, it may be running in the background. 

  1. Close any other tabs or windows. Try again.
  2. Open another browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome); login to and open the page you need again. Or...
  3. Log out of the system and close your preferred browser. Open your preferred browser and login to again. (If you do not need to login again, the extra window may still be running in the background). Try again. 
  4. Verify all affected browser instances are stopped using Task Manager. 
  5. If the problem continues, you must shut down and restart your computer to eliminate background instances playing. Login to using any of the recommended browsers. 

"You have already been in this lesson....return...?"

The system bookmarks where you left so that you can return back to that same page for most long assignments.

  • If you would rather start over, click 'Cancel.'  
  • If you want to continue on from the place where you stopped before, then click 'OK.' For more assignments, you will still be allowed to review previously viewed pages using the Content menu button or back arrow button. 

Nothing is working.

  • Check the Systems Status page to make sure there is not a campus-wide problem. 
  • Try another browser (e.g. Safari, Explorer), enable javascript, pop-ups and cookies. 
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? Seriously, you may need to refresh your browser (empty your cache) by logging out, closing and re-launching your browser. 
  • Call the Helpdeak at 517-884-4600 for assistance. After hours email

I can't login. Or... My NetID isn't working.

"Mime Type Configuration"

Courses sometimes use embedded videos. This message is just checking to see if you are okay with the course
accessing your player. It is OK to check 'Yes. '


If you don't see your problem listed, contact the HelpDesk weekdays at 517-884-4600 or