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Get access to the Instructor Desk

Trainers can print rosters, record attendance, review online test scores, email trainees and do other tasks in the system for their courses. Contact the Helpdesk to get Instructor Desk permissions. Then you will have a dropdown option when logged into

Assistance for the new or occasional trainer

Contact Helpdesk for assistance in setting up a complex training program:

  • blending both online and scheduled instruction
  • adding tasks, sign-off approvals, or resources
  • training with mutliple times/sessions
  • moving an instructor-led course into a new online offering

 Contact Helpdesk anytime during registration or close-out:

  • Changing the location, date, time of the event
  • Adding/dropping trainees/attendees (or see Roster info below to do this yourself)
  • Contacting the trainees on a roster (see Send Email info below)
  • Learn about many other useful features (using swipe cards to take attendance, advertising training to larger audience or past trainees, bulk registration from a list of required trainees, etc.)

Roster - View, Add, or Drop learners

Send Email 

For Instructor-Led and Blended offerings (but not web-only offerings), you can send an email to an individual member of the course, to everyone in the offering, to the managers or alternate managers, or other subsets. On the Roster page, look for the On-Demand Notifications - Send link. 

Email are also automatically sent to learners to remind them when their certification is about to expire or has expired. 

  • Instructor's Desk > My Offerings tab > Search for the right offering.
  • Hover your mouse-over Actions. Click View Roster. (or click the offering ID for the pop-up details). The 4th line down says On Demand Notification. Click Send (see image below). 
  • When the Send Notification page appears, you'll be given options for addressee and subject line.


Print certificates, sign-in sheets 

Trainers can print their roster or use the Report tab to print a sign-in sheet (not available for self-paced web offerings). To minimize confusion, only a few of the available reports are showing now (see all). Click the Search button without adding any keywords to see the current list. Consider the following: 

  • Sign-in sheets
  • Class tent cards
  • Certificates of completion

Post-Event Ad Hoc (No Pre-registration roster for sign-in)

If your training did not compile a roster of attendees prior to the event, you can print the following sign-in sheet (ad hoc sign-in.pdf). Fields needed for entry into the system are already included on the form.


Task Assignments - Approvals Inbox

Trainees can be required to complete an offline task or to submit documentation as a task. Instructors are sometimes designated as reviewers, but managers and others can also be set as a reviewer. You can monitor course tasks and view attachments from the Instructor Desk, but for large numbers of tasks, use the Approvals Inbox accessed from the Home page. 







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