Using Zoom for Instruction

A live online meeting can sometimes be a better way to communicate. Zoom is similar to GoToMeeting or Skype or Microsoft Teams meeting. Hear, speak, and see participants, share your computer screen.

Login and information -

To change an existing inperson training to zoom meeting, update your event and notify learners in Master Schedule. 

  • Benefits
    • Share information with 1 person or invite a large group to train together.
    • Zoom meeting links can be added to an instructor-led event in Saba.
    • Everyone at MSU has free access to host a Zoom meeting.
    • Anyone with the link can participate, including non-MSU participants.
    • No need to reserve a room in advance.
    • Avoid attendance problems when travel is difficult because of weather or other conditions.
  • Assessment

    For some topics, you'll want to be sure the trainees learned enough to be successful. Options:

    • If a participant uses the link from the offering Begin button, attendance will automatically be marked complete. However, time in Zoom is not captured. You'll want to enlist your assistant and/or record the meeting to verify how long individuals were logged in.
    • Use the Chat feature to verify attendance and/or to check understanding. "Please type in your answer to the following question into the Chat box."
    • You can also ask participants to raise their hand if they do not understand something.
    • Set-up a Poll or several polling questions in advance to verify understanding.
    • Add a standard online quiz as an assignment. Or create a Google Quiz/Survey to automatically capture participants' NetID and time of completion.
  • Preparation

    Typically, you will want to request an Instructor-Led offering. However, Blended offerings can also use Zoom.

    • Use your own meeting link (up to 50 people) or request use of ORA license for larger groups.
    • Consider emailing final instructions 15 minutes prior to start.
      Registrants will get an email confirmation that provides link back to Saba and the offering details. However, it is convenient to send reminder instructions from Saba Instructor Desk. Something like the following:
      • Your live online webinar will be starting shortly.
        Please login at
        You will see the training listed under Home tab. Click "View Details" link.

        Click the BEGIN button. A Zoom window will open.
        Call 517-884-4600 or 517-432-6200 if you need assistance.
    • Prior to the event, recruit an assistant.
      The assistant logs in with host rights to verify audio is working and other technical issues, manage participant questions and keep an eye on attendance. This will keep you focused on making a smooth presentation.
    • Log in well in advance to verify connection, your mic, and access to any files or software you will use.

    You can request the Helpdesk assist with your set-up. If doing yourself, we recommend the following:

    saba zoom setup

  • During Webinar
    • Mouse over the bottom of your screen for useful tools (participant controls, share screen, chat, record function).
    • Unless the group is very small, you will probably want to turn off participants' audio to avoid feedback.
  • Registration

    You can set-up an event for pre-registration in the Ability training system. Contact the helpdesk in advance with details. See Scheduled Instructor-Led instructions if you have Compliance or Trainer roles in the system.

    You can also use the Zoom registration feature.

  • Post Event Attendance
    • Mark attendance. If a participant uses the link from the offering Begin button, attendance will automatically be marked complete. Check for special circumstances.
    • Close out the offering as Delivered similar to face-to-face. 
  • More Resources

    MSU Zoom- Login button, Zoom basics, advanced licensing info, service alerts

    Zoom Help Center - quick video tutorials and FAQ