Schedule a Training Event

Make sure you are prepared with the course title/ID, location, trainer, date, start time, end time, maximum and minimum class size. To add new courses, trainers, or locations, or to change default properties, such as maximum class size, contact the help desk.

  1. Select Manager Menu > Master Schedule.
  2. Click the green plus sign + icon.
  3. Enter in the course ID or title to find the correct course.

Ability LMS showing scheduling an event

  1. Enter the date, start time, location, and trainer. Continue clicking Next to finish creating your event. Confirm the course details on the Properties tab.

Ability LMS showing adding details for scheduled event

The class end time is calculated based on the default duration of the course. If, after creating the class, you need to edit the start or end time, select the Sessions tab. Click on the green i icon and edit the start or end time.

Ability LMS screenshot for adding event end time


If you need a registration link to distribute to a known group of employees/students, look for the enroll link between the main navigation and tabs. 

Screenshot of Ability LMS class enroll link

You can return at any time to check enrollment, reschedule or cancel the event, or send an email to the participant list.

Common tasks are under the Event Workflow tab.