Change Event to Remote Access (or move location)

Trainers and compliance officers can notify participants that an in-person event has been moved to another location or to a remote access option such as Zoom or Teams.

  1. Establish a remove viewing/participation option such as a Zoom meeting url link or Microsoft Team.

  2. Change the Event location in Ability > Manager Menu > Master Schedule > (specific event) > and click the green i to bring up fields including a dropdown option for different locations. 
    Zoom links are typically at the bottom. Contact if you need your zoom link added as an option or use the default address and email your learners the unique link.

  3. Notify Your Learners About the Change. If you change the location prior to the date of the training, your learners will automatically get the updated location in the system-generated reminders (sent 1 day and 3 day prior to the event).

    You can also send a unique email with more extensive information. Send the email contents to along with the specific event date and subject to If you prefer the email be sent from your address, we can assist you in exporting a report with the enrollees' email addresses. If you do this yourself, be sure to enter addresses in the BCC line. 

  4. Upload any class resources (handouts, powerpoint, video links) to the course event space for your learners. In the event, click Class Documents tab, the green + and follow the prompts. Contact for assistance or other suggestions for converting your in-person event to an online format. 
    screen showing class documents tab