Request Program Changes

Because other training programs and other campus systems reference course data, it is important to not make changes to course titles, course ID, or several other properties without evaluating the impact.

Contact the helpdesk with your request and we can explore ways to accomodate required changes. 

New Courses

As soon as a new training need is identified, contact the helpdesk or call 517-884-0948.

Equivalencies, Pre-Requisites, Waivers

The Ability LMS provides flexibility in structuring your training program. Contact the helpdesk to discuss options. 

Delivery Modes of Existing Courses 

Courses are created with a specific delivery template.

  • SCORM (SCO) - Created, packaged/published with a courseware such as Lectora, Storyline, or Camtasia for self-paced online access
  • Generic Online (WBT) - A more flexible format that can include PDF documents, video files, links to website pages including Wikipedia, YouTube, NIH,... for self-paced online access
  • Scheduled Training (ILT) - Classroom or webinar events for instructor-led training participation
    ILT courses are used to create re-occurring events on the Calendar.

If your training will be delivered in multiple ways, you will have a courseID for each delivery method. The title of the courses should be very similar or can be identical. For example:

  • Fish Basics - Self-Paced Online
  • Fish Basics - Instructor-Led