Swipe Cards for Attendance

Swipe card readers can be used to record attendance at training events. Contact the helpdesk for tips on purchasing and using card readers.

ORA units: see Sean Donahoo to check out the ID card readers, or for instructions.

Please, do not send PID-name data by email

Emails with APID or ZPID data included with their user names (either in the content or as attached file) are not accepted for batch recording of course completions. Instead, please use the following options:

  • Deposit the file at https://filedepot.msu.edu to submit swipe card data or other training completion records that need to be added to the training compliance system. Send the pick-up code to train@ora.msu.edu.
  • If the data already includes a netID (or if you have internal resources for pulling netID using the APID), just remove the PID field from the data prior to emailing. Our system uses NetID.

Please mention if the data comes from a pre-scheduled calendar event

In your email to FileDepot, please indicate if the training was added using the Master Schedule. The training data is imported using a different process if there are existing enrollments. 

For those who could not swipe their card, add to file

Sometimes people forget their Spartan card or the card cannot be read by the reader. It's a good idea to take a sign-in sheet either from your event roster or a standard form that includes NetID.

Type in the extra non-swipe attendees into the bottom of the file. Please mention these additional records in your email to FileDepot.