Bulk Import Course Completion Records

Send Files to Helpdesk

Send training completion records and any questions to train@ora.msu.edu. Unfortunately, we can no accept hand-written lists. The course/s must exist in the training system prior to adding records. Ask for a complete list of courses in the system or propose a new course. Use the history-import-template.xlsx as a template for sending completion records.  Ask the helpdesk for a title and/or courseID. Instructions and title list for RCR instructor-led training are available. 

Swipe card attendance files are also accepted. However, we cannot edit existing enrollments automatically at this time.  They must be wiped entirely and rewritten with completions. No shows must be deleted along with other enrollments prior to the import. 

Alternatively, set up events in advance and encourage participants to pre-register. From that list, you can print a sign-in sheet and make quick attendance updates yourself manually. 

  • High-volume, On-going Feed from External Provider

    This process works best with external training records if new courses are constantly being created by the vendor and/or new completions are constantly being recorded.

    Examples of training completion feeds that ORA has already developed include AVMA and CITI Programs. MaxIT (Ability LMS vendor) already holds a limited license with SkillSoft. Email train@ora.msu.edu if your unit is interested.

  • Learn to Import Completion Records

    Learn to Import Completion Records 

    If you would like to import training records into Ability LMS, contact the Helpdesk for assistance. You must have the Compliance Admin or Trainer security role to import training records directly into the system.


    Once data is imported into Ability, there is no simple way to undo the import. If the import file is set-up incorrectly, if the data is wrong, you may have to manually change many or all of the records to correct the problem.

    The information below is intended as a reference after you have been trained to import records yourself. Additional documentation is available. 

    Your import process will depend on the amount and type of data you have. For all imports, you will need the exact Learner ID (NetID) for the participants, course ID, course title, and related information. 

    This process can be used to import participant completion records, typically for a large scheduled event.


    • The course must pre-exist in Ability prior to the import as you’ll need the courseID and title.
    • All users must already have an account in the system and you must have the users' exact learner ID (netID). 
    • Score field is optional
    • Duration field is optional and placed after the Score column.

    Use the history-import-template.xlsx as a template to develop your initial list of completions. 

    It is critical that the Learner ID is perfect. Any typographical error will result in all or part of the import to error; or the completion being recorded for the wrong person.

    Excel sample

    When your data are organized in the column order and format as show above, use SaveAs to convert the file to a Tab-Delineated .TXT file.    

    Save As Tab-Delineated format

    Use the Staging environment to test your import file – https://staging.learnerhall/msu/ .

    Click Courses and search for the specific course if applicable. If there are errors, they will be yellow highlighted in the pop-up window. If there is an error, select the cancel option and edit your file. Retry the import. When successful, visually check your results in the course history tab and/or a few sample user transcripts. If necessary, adjust your file/s and test again.

    When ready, import the file in production repeating the final import process – https://abilitylms.msu.edu