Waivers and Alternate Training

If your program occasionally considers acceptance of training from non-MSU sources in lieu of an MSU course, you can either:

  1. enter completions on a separate Alternate course that serves as a placeholder.
  2. enter a record for the standard MSU course (Waived), or

Each method would serve as documentation on any report for regulatory agencies.

Example 1: Adding Completion of a Pre-Defined Alternate (equivalent) Course

Use this option if your standard required course already has an alternate course set-up to record training from another source deemed as equivalent.  Contact the helpdesk if your unit often requires acceptance of training from other institutions.

Go to People (from home page tile or Manager Menu). 
Find and select the Alternate course name. In the image below that pre-defined course is called Alternate ABC Safety
Set External, Finished, Requirement Met. Upload any documentation such as certificate of completion.
Click Next and save. Recording history on alternate course


Example 2: Adding Waiver of the Standard Required Course

Use this option if your unit has a rare need to record non-MSU training as equivalent to the standard course.

Go to People (from home page tile or Manager Menu).
Find and select the standard MSU course you are giving credit for. 
Change the following settings: History Type ID = Internal, Status Date, Status ID = Waived, and Completion Status ID = Requirement Met. 
Upload any available documentation of the previous training from another institution. 
Click Next and save.