Scheduled RCR Report Instructions

1. Unit representatives complete the request form to determine if they want reports or if they want to have a FlexiGroup (FG) added to their People list so they can do their own assignments and tracking. 

2. ORA views requests and begins setting up the FG(s) and either adding those to the requestor or working with the requestor on the type of report needed. 

  • Google Sheet of Responses
    The responses are color-coded to indicate if the request has been responded to and an active request (color) or if it is an inactive/revised request (gray).

  • FG naming convention: Students-major code-UNIT (Students-1377-ComArts)

  • Reports must be created in your folder. A good naming convention include information on the type of report (e.g. track vs course), the major code, and the netID of the recipient. (track-4221-ELAINE, trackprogress-1420-SMITH77).

3. For those who want a report, we begin sending those out at specific times. 

  • Subscription Schedule & Formats

  • Run the report and save to your desktop or other folder reserved for the reports. We will not try to keep all past reports centrally nor longterm. 
  • Email one at a time or several attachments into a single email.