RCR Completion Tracking

The training compliance system provides registration, automated tracking, and viewing of completed training records for several dozen Responsible Conduct of Research courses.

Types of Training Tracked in Ability LMS 

  • CITI Programs

    Use the MSU single-sign-on to CITI Programs for convenience in completing CITI courses. Make sure your email address used is NetID@msu.edu or your records will not be imported into the MSU Ability compliance training system.

    RCR-CITI track 

    For convenience, a pre-built track (RCR-CITI) is set-up to enable the assignment and tracking of the Grad School's standard Year 1 set of 4 modules. Reports offer simplified Complete/Incomplete for the entire set of modules. 

  • Instructor-Led Group Events & Workshops

    MSU Grad School standard requires 6 hours of instructor-led training or discussion-based activity to learn about responsible research. For consistent tracking events are recorded in 1.5 hour increments.


    The Grad School Workshops (1-5 days after the event) - Attendance records are imported into Ability compliance training system shortly after the event.

    Unit organized events - Seminars, brownbags, classes, presentations and individualized instruction provided by units can be recorded in Ability system. Unit representatives can submit attendance records (preferably as spreadsheet) to train@ora.msu.edu. Include: 
    • course title - must adheres to one of the current RCR topics 
    • 1.5 hour for each event
    • date of instruction/event
    • student attendees' netID
    • instructor's netID

    RCR-ILT track

    For convenience in assigning and tracking completion of the 4 events, a track (RCR-ILT) has been created. Email reminders sent if at least 4 events have not been attended. 

    Assignment options:

    • Self-assign - Students can add the track
    • Automatic assignment - Everyone with the academic major
    • Unit administrator or students' advisor can individually assign & unassign the track for each student
    Reports show Complete when a student has attended any 4 events including Grad School RCR workshops.
  • Individual Discussions and One-on-One Coaching

    Academic units can submit individual coaching/mentoring by emailing a spreadsheet with the following 4 columns: NetID (student/s), Date/s (of RCR training), subject (see list), NetID (instructor). 


    Additional services continue to be considered. 

Ways to View Students' RCR Training Records

Depending on the size and number of your academic programs and your personal workstyle, you can choose how to monitor completion of RCR training. 

View Large Data Sets & Advanced Reports - Consider the pros and cons of various options for viewing RCR records and the trade-offs.

Request Form for Academic Major Groups - After reviewing the pros and cons of various options, please submit a formal request.