Report Subscription/s

Student Training

The Office of Regulatory Affairs in support of the Graduate School's efforts to provide Responsible Conduct of Research training is encouraging the use of Ability LMS FlexiGroup feature, which allows for filtering by academic major code to a) add students to an administrator's People list, b) assign required training, and/or c) run a report.  Request Form

Reports can be sent on the following schedules if you do not want students added to your People list.

Schedule Options

  • Upon request
  • 4 times per year
    • early-September, mid-November, early-January, March-end
  • 6 times per year
    • early-September, mid-November, early-January, March-end, mid-May, July-end

Report Structure

For now, scheduled reports will be structured on one of the following options: 

  • Learners by Track - Status of learner(s) listed typically for either both RCR-CITI and RCR-ILT on a single report. 
  • Track by Learners - The status of the track(s) listed under each learner
  • Courses by Learners - All courses listed under each learner(s)' name

Use the Request Form to request a special academic group and scheduled reports.