Instructor-Led Training

There are a few ways to receive credit for instructor-led training - annual Grad School Workshops, or department or college lectures, brownbags, or other large-group discussions. 

Grad School Workshops

Attendance is imported into Ability shortly after the event. 

Training Provided by an Academic Unit

Departments and/or Colleges offer group training or one-on-one conversations and activities for their students. Sometimes this training is provided within an academic class. Sometimes these are formal seminars or brown bag events. Or these can be more personalized discussions; for example between the PI and student.

Units can use the Grad School's research integrity resources or their own materials. However, RCR training must be recorded in 1.5 hour increments and use a standard title in Ability compliance system. If a student completes the same topic twice, the RCR-ILT track only counts 1.5 hours towards the 6 hour requirement. 

  • RCR Authorship and Publication
  • RCR Collaborative Research
  • RCR Conflict of Interest
  • RCR Data Management
  • RCR Introduction and Overview of Responsible Conduct of Research
  • RCR Mentor-Trainee Relationships
  • RCR Peer Review
  • RCR Plagiarism
  • RCR Protection of Human Subjects 
  • RCR Protection of Intellectual Property
  • RCR Research Ethics
  • RCR Research Misconduct
  • RCR Rigor and Reproducibility

Post-Docs can receive credit for RCR training through delivering presentations or coaching students, as well as through attending an RCR training event.

Units should drop documentation for attendance by spreadsheet using (to

All documentation must include:

  • Date of Event
  • Time of Event (duration 1.5 hours)
  • Topic (select from above)
  • Instructor/s netID
  • Student/Attendee first name, last name
  • Student/Attendee NetID

For medium and large groups, we recommend using a swipecard reader to take attendance at the door with the student's Spartan card. Contact the Helpdesk for more information.