Compliance Officer Resources

Contact the helpdesk if you have responsibility for monitoring training compliance for your unit and need more access to training records.

 Compliance Administrators Video Overview

Impersonate a User

Your activities in the system are tracked including the ID of any user that you impersonate. Mark training completions through the Course > History screens only. Ask for additional access if needed.

If you enter a netID and nothing happens, check to make sure pop-ups are enabled.

The Manager Resources page includes a 2 minute video overview and PDF to assist you in checking training compliance for a specific manager's team.

Adding Training Requirements to Users

Add several tracks to a single user: Click People. Search and find the user and click their name. Click the + and the Track Wizard will open to add 1 or more tracks. 

People Track Screen

Add a single tracks to several users: Click Learning Tracks. Search and find the track and click the name. Click the + icon.

Add track screen

Steps to Remove a Track

Steps to Remove Track

Your Own Subordinates

Those with the Compliance Admin security role automatically see all additional users as required in addition to your own subordinates. To add or remove tracks or to check on your team's training status, you have a few options:

  • Search and go into each person's record from the People screen or from the Track Manager.
  • Wait for the weekly email report which includes all your direct reports who have overdue or expired training or who have training due within the week.
  • Use a report that selects your specific Flexi-groups (Direct and Ad Hoc if you have them).

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