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COVID19 Training Prior to Returning to On-Site Work:

Some employees may be required to take more than one of these short courses if they work in multiple areas. Check with your supervisor or department head.

Completion Reports - Managers can verify course completion. Upon login, click Manager Menu > Reports > Training History by Course and COVID filter (image)

Training Adjustments for Remote Work

Below are what we currently know. You can contact the units directly for more information.

  • I'm Not On Campus, Can't Do In-Person Training

    If you receive an email reminder about in-person training expiring, but are working from home and not in proximity to the risk (e.g. confined space, asbestos) or not conducting the activity that requires the training (driving tractor, wearing a respirator), you can defer the training until you return to campus or begin the related activity again. Email reminders will continue.

    You are expected to update your safety training prior to conducting any activities or working in any areas that put you at-risk. Contact the training unit for individualized instruction if you are conducting any necessary at-risk activities off-site.

    Online training should be completed as scheduled.

    Supervisors can remove tracks from personnel if they will be absent for an extended period. This will stop email reminders and non-compliance reports. Supervisors must add the tracks back when personnel return to their at-risk activities.


  • Animal Care

    All in person trainings are cancelled until further notice to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  For critical personnel that need training, it will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If there are any questions, please contact

    See also CAR & IACUC updates for activities involving animals and site access -


  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

    As always, if you are not trained or not compliant with EHS required refresher training, you must not put yourself or the MSU community at risk. Do not start the at-risk activity or enter areas that place you at risk.

    Worker Protection Standard (WPS) - For your safety, if your WPS expires before the next training date then for your safety, do not work in a pesticide application area until you have updated training. You will be in violation of EPA regulations and MSU policy. EHS staff have secured temporary exception to MDARD and AgBioResearch requirement that annual training be conducted in-person.  On-site orientations are still required prior to working in a new location.

    Radiation Safety - Initial in-person events are being moved to Zoom delivery. You'll be notified of the change.

    Respirator Fit Tests - Annual fit-testing is temporarily suspended. Initial fit-testing is still required for anyone wearing a respirator to protect against COVID-19. What to do if due for annual N95 fit-test.. has been instructed to prioritize health team workers' fit tests.

    Other Programs

    Some other regulatory agencies require instructor-led, live, or in-person training. Other skills require hands-on practice or in-person evaluation (e.g. forktruck evaluation, tractor evaluaton). In those cases, training may not be able to be moved to an online format. Contact information is usually at the top of your course page, in the FAQ button (search CONTACTS), or email .

    See also EHS recommendations for Lab Preparations for COVID-19 Disruptions


  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

    The Grad School has begun organizing Zoom access for students in lieu of the Erickson Kiva location. The planned link is meeting number is 305 656 830.

    A full list of all available phone numbers can be found at

  • Essentials of Research Administration

    July and August workshops will be delivered through Zoom websinar.

    September forward is tentatively planned for campus location, but enrollees will be notified by email if there is a change to zoom.


  • SARV & Bystander Workshops (RVSM for undergrads)

    Student Needing SARV, Bystander, or Other Group Workshop

    There are no more workshops scheduled for this semester. Students in Year 1 and Year 2 tracks are now offered the online course. Workshops are planned to resume in the Fall, but will be delivered through Zoom.



  • Trainers - Move In-Person Event to Online Delivery

    Assuming your training is not restricted by regulation to in-person delivery*, you can change your in-person event to an online event and easily email learners about the change.

    If you are planning on using Zoom or other remote access tools, you may want to check for any outages or slowdowns. It's always a good idea to have an assistant in Zoom or Team events to monitor chat and to enter notes as audio quality often erodes during big events and high traffic times.

    *Some agencies may define "instructor-led" to be live (synchronous) instruction provided by a subject-expert in real time whether in-person or virtual classroom such as Zoom or Skype. Many regulatory agencies specify which delivery modes comply with their requirements.