Learning that reduces risks to health, safety, security, and legal liability as well as encouraging best practices in research, operations, and outreach. About Ability training system

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Tonight's Grad School RCR Workshop is Cancelled. No new date yet. 


General Subject Areas

  • Animal Care, CVM, Farms

    The IACUC requires training specific to each project involving animals to ensure their proper care.  Campus Animal Resources (CAR) also develops and delivers training in animal care and provide facility orientations.

    Working on Farms - Each has its own list of requirements and training links

    Veterinary clinic students and staff should also review the AVMA-PLIT instructions.



  • CITI Programs

    CITI Programs Login - Make sure  you use your as your primary/preferred email address to ensure your completed records are imported the following week. Change email(image)


    • Animal Care
    • Clinical Research
    • Data Security
    • Responsible Conduct of Research
    • Export controls


  • Environmental Health & Safety

    Visit the EHS website to learn about their many training programs.

    Veterinary clinic students and staff should also review the AVMA-PLIT instructions.

  • Health Team (HIPAA & Fraud Awareness)

    MSU's Health Team Compliance unit oversees the development and delivery online courses and the assignment to specific employees. You will be notified to take the following training:

    • HIPAA Overview is required annually for:
      • all HealthTeam providers and staff
      • all Athena users
    • Fraud Awareness is required annually for:
      • Staff if you assist with billing or have access to confidential patient financial/health information (EHR)
      • Providers if they direct bill for services




  • Human Subjects (HRPP/IRB/GCP)

    Human Research Protection Program (HRPP/IRB) training track

    Good Clinical Practice (GCP)


  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

    What training do I need?

    Requirements vary.

    Federal Project 

    For students are funded by a federal grant, that agency's requirements must also be met. The Office of Regulatory Affairs requires students under NSF or USDA-NIFA funding to complete four online CITI Programs modules (identical to the MSU Grad School requirement). NIH funding requires instructor-led training periodically. 

    Online Training - CITI Programs 

    The Grad School recommends 4 initial and follow-up modules -

    Your department may recommend training that meets other MSU research requirements such as the IACUC Tutorial or HRPP/IRB track. 

    In-Person Instruction

    Many instructor-led RCR training events are recorded in ORA's training compliance system, including The Grad School Workshop Series -

    Documentation of RCR Training

    • Students can access their certificates of completion for each course or print their entire transcript.
    • A unit academic program director or graduate secretary can request a report based on academic major, or
    • A unit representative can request access to view students of a specific major. This access also allows for manual assignment of RCR tracks. 


    Units can elect to have tracks auto-assigned to all students of a specific major. When new students enter the program, they will be automatically notified of the need to complete the training (e.g. RCR-CITI track, or HRPP/IRB track) and send reminders. Reports can then be run to see who is complete/incomplete for specific programs. Any supervisors will also receive notice of RCR training status. 

    Contact the helpdesk ( or 517-884-4600) with questions and requests. 



    Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct prevention and response training is automatically assigned to all regular employees.

    On-Call/Temps and contractors can also enroll in one-time course (share link: or be assigned annual training track (share link: 

    Assistance with employee online course - RVSM course issues 


    Starting with the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) awareness workshops for undergraduates in their first year on campus, all students are automatically assigned to RVSM training. Typically, this is based on how much time they have been on campus though other criteria can impact which training is assigned.

    Student email notifications and access to registration is rolled out alphabetically for each group in the fall. Students enrolled later in the semester will have training added at that time. 

    Frequently asked questions about your email notification or the track you are assigned are found at or you can contact for assistance. 

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