What are the Recommended Browser & System Setting Considerations?

For best results, enable pop-ups, cookies, and Javascript. Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Do NOT rely on your browser's back button. Previously viewed pages are not stored. Use Saba tabs and links. 

There are many computing set-ups and frequent browser changes that can affect online views and functions.  Contact train@ora.msu.edu for assistance.
Browsers Recommendations
Enable Javascript, cookies, and pop-ups.
Avoid using your browser back button because pages may not cached for security reasons. Instead, rely on links and tabs for navigation.
Chrome Best browser for navigating - few back button problems.  Ad hoc reports work well.  Managed Reports require choosing Email rather than Execute. 
Firefox Avoid using back buttons because pages are not cached. Ad hoc & Managed Reports are both Executable.
Safari Avoid using back buttons because pages are not cached.  Managed Reports require choosing Email rather than Execute.
Internet Explorer Not recommended. Problems with printing certificates and with pop-up boxes in courses. 
Accessibility Courses meet ADA 508 accessibility requirements. You can increase most text and images within the course by using the Ctrl and + sign keys together.  Reduce by using Ctrl with the minus (-) key. Audio files accompany text and are not necessary to understanding. Screen readers and other ADA 508 supports make most or all web-based courses accessible. Contact us if you have any problems or if you need an accommodation. Often other versions of a training are available.
Mobile Devices We strive to support mobile learning. Many courses can also be downloaded for offline viewing. Most Apple devices do not support audio autoplay so look for sound buttons with your Ipad or Iphone.

  • Known pop-up warnings and error messages
  • Some behaviors are software limitations. *
    The new training & learning management system (LMS) is a product of Saba Corporation. The system allows for registration, storage, delivery, tracking, and reporting on training and training materials, competencies, job roles, instructor schedules, etc. Some of its functions and features have been scaled down to fit MSU's regulatory training program.