Shuttle Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a reservation?

    Reservations are required. Sorry, no exceptions.

    • The shuttle can accommodate only nine passengers by law. Reservations avoid over-booking.
    • In case of an accident or other emergency, officials can be provided information on passengers and materials.
    • Rider reservation data is used to improve routes.
  • What are the driver qualifications?

    Drivers have extensive experience ranging from shuttling patients to appointments for Community Mental Health to driving a CATA bus. Upon hire, drivers receive 4 hours of additional training specific to their Research Ride shuttle duties. All drivers pass a criminal back ground and a driver history check via MSU’s Risk Management department.


    • Greg Rogensues
    • Bill Burns
    • Don Herrington

    Drivers are NOT allowed to assist with loading, securing, unloading or physically handle animals or chemicals.

  • Can I transport animals or research materials?

    Yes. Rodents and some chemicals can be transported on the shuttle with some restrictions. View specific restrictions on animals or restrictions on hazardous materials prior to making your reservation.

  • Other questions or concerns?

    Contact the Research Ride coordinator at