Transporting Animals on the Shuttle

Transportation of tissues and small numbers of rodents (within secure containers) will need reservations in advance. Sign-up


  1. No animals can be moved from Giltner Hall to other buildings via the Research Shuttle.
  2. To transport biohazardous materials (including animals exposed to biohazards), and beforehand.
  3. You must load, secure, and unload all items yourself. Drivers are not allowed to assist with loading, securing, unloading or physically handling of any animals or chemicals, for the safety of our drivers and your research materials.
  4. You may transport only 4 small cages (image) of rodents.
    Contact to arrange transport of more animals separately. Fees may apply.

The following items will be provided by CAR

*Notify if you intend to remove cages from the facility instead.

Post-Ride Responsibilities

By using the Research Ride shuttle, you agree to:

  • Wipe out the plastic totes to remove any animal waste products or spilled bedding materials
  • Return totes to shuttle for re-use
  • Return any used cages to the soiled loading dock of the Clinical Center.