ORA IT Streamlines Client Environment

When IT equipment is ready to be replaced or upgraded, ORA reviews the business need, workflow, and available technology. Some users in ORA units were previously assigned up to three devices (desktop computer, a laptop computer and a tablet device).  When devices in the IACUC office needed replacement recently, Dan Krull and Todd Hall seized the opportunity to innovate a better solution. They replaced the combination of users' devices with a single new tablet-sized Microsoft Windows device. Rather than 3 devices, personnel only need one:

  • The Windows tablet is light-weight. Clients use it at their desk, in meetings, and working at home.
  • Users no longer need to track which device has what files or what software. 
  • Users can focus on a single operating system which saves time and limits confusion. 
  • Users can continue to use their full keyboard, mouse and dual monitors with a docking station.
  • Equipment costs are cut by 40-60%. Some savings are also expected on software.

These small Windows tablets will almost certainly be what many IT users are assigned in the future.