Suspended In-Person Services

March 12, 2020

Per the University's recommendations, units in the Office of Regulatory Affairs will be conducting as many activities as possible remotely. Please contact staff through email and telephone for exceptions.

Distributed and Remote Work Resources

Updated 2020-Apr-13

ORA personnel are encouraged to use the following sites to assist in organizing your work and communications. All will be updated regularly.

Modifications to Operations by Unit

4000 Collins Road and other animal facilities are closed to all except personnel with specific exceptions for maintaining critical infrastructure (per Executive Order 2020-21). Advise delivery services and colleagues that other arrangements must be made that include social distance, PPE and/or other protections from the virus.

Most research wll be necessarily delayed, curtailed or stopped to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. See VP of Research and Innovation (

Compliance Training

  • In-person training programs are being moved to zoom or cancelled. You will be notified.
  • Managers can ignore non-compliance notifications until subordnates return to work or can remove the track and add back upon return to th at-risk activity.
  • A Pandemic Planning track (Enrollment link) of courses is to the MSU community that includes a brief explanation of the coronovirus and prevention strategies. This is an optional track with no due dates or email reminders.