Help Logging into Saba Training System


You may have used your PID or other identification for past web training. The current system requires your NetID (or communityID).

My NetID isn't working.

I don't have a NetID. I'm not an MSU student nor MSU employee. 

If you are not employed by MSU or not an MSU student, you can still use the training system by getting a CommunityID.   Basic Instructions (or Read detailed article:

1. Register/Create a CommunityID 

Screen tips:


2. Login at

Login with this full email address and password. This creates your training system account.

3. Register.

Once logged in, your IRB staff person can assign the Human Research Protection Certification (or Search and register yourself using the Find Training tab). Choose Path 2 if you already have training. 





I need to work on course offline. I don't have stable or regular Internet. 

  • Many online courses can be downloaded and completed offline. You will need to log back in to have your completion data uploaded.
  • Usually, there are other in-person options or hardcopy study materials.  Contact the safety officer, course instructor, or certification manager for direction.

Still can't login?

  • Contact the Helpdesk weekdays at 517-884-4600 or send us a quick Online Message

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