How do I view, verify, prove, or document my training?


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View/Print a certificate of course completion/participation

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Use Chrome or Firefox browsers, pop-ups and javascript enabled.
Click My Training tab > My Completed Courses. Find course you want to document.
Click Actions (far right column of course line).
Click Print Certificate. Change the page orientation to Landscape if necessary.

Problem Printing a Course Certificate

Printing relies on many variables (browser, the browser settings and plug-ins, printer set-up, page set-up). Options:

  • If the certificate doesn't open, try another browser (not Explorer).
  • Request an emailed certificate from
  • If you see the certificate, but have printing problems, take a screenshot and save or print that. 
  • If you can see the certificate, print to PDF and then print that file to hardcopy.
  • Call the Helpdesk at 517-884-4600.

View/Print Certification Status

In addition to printing a course certificate, you use your browser's print screen feature (e.g. right-click, then click Print) to print your certification status. From your  Home page, go to My Training. Click the My Certifications tab (left column, bottom option).

You can also print the history of a specific certification using the Actions options at the far right side of the table.


Send or Submit a file to instructor or submit other documentation

From inside a course offering (e.g. assigned task is to document past training):
Below is an animation of how to attach a file as required by an assignment. You can also view the video

  1. Log in > My Training > In Progress > find and open the course offering > Learning Assignments tab.
  2. Under the Actions column (far right), hover over "other actions" until you see the option to view/edit attachments
  3. a) SOME Reviewers provide a "Completed" button. 
    b) SOME Reviewers provide an "Email Reviewers" button (see below).

Add a non-MSU training, industry certification, or other non-MSU proof of achievement to my training history.

Send email to and attach or send link to specific details. Anything recorded in the system can be seen by your manager in this system, but will not be shared with MSU's Human Resources department. You must do that separately, if desired. 









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