How Can I Find & Register for Training


On this page...

Find Training Tab

See All options or limit your search to a certification versus course offering, a self-paced online vs instructor-led offering. Enter keywords to narrow your search (e.g. human, cattle, financial, research...).

Browse Catalog

On the right-side menu, you can choose Browse Catalog where currently available courses are grouped into subject categories. Certifications are not included in this list.

Share a Link

You can also share a link. After you find the offering you want, look for the "Share link..// " This is not a hot/active link, but you can copy the text exactly and add it to an email or website.

Ready to Register


If you are having problems with a registration link or getting an error or in a loop, you may already be registered. Visit the Registration help page or call the helpdesk at 517-884-4600.

What if I still don't see it listed? 


Return to review course assignments & files

Log back in at Click the My Training tab to see list of Completed Courses (default view is for past 3 months only). Change the dates to look further back in your transcript (type in older dates or click calendar). Click Search again.
Click the My Training tab. Adjust dates if necessary.  


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