Regulatory Affairs has licensed hundreds of online CITI courses for the entire MSU community. Topics range from animal care, GCP, GLP, RCR.  Login with MSU NetID for automatic reporting.

CITI Program Login button

You may be asked to merge a previous account. This will bring in any previous completion records. Tips for login and choosing learning groups at

If you were previously using CITI under another institution or not using your email, you can merge/update your account to connect to MSU. When you login to CITI using the SSO link, you will be prompted for your previous CITI name/password combination and prompted for your MSU ID. If you have multiple accounts with CITI, you'll be able to merge them. Login to MERGE/update now.

Why Use the MSU Single-Sign-On (SSO)?

  • You'll have one less name & password to remember!
  • Your CITI records are imported into with your other training records. 
  • You get single-sign-on capability so you are automatically logged in to all other MSU only systems after the first sign-on.

Weekly Imports of CITI Course Completions

Your transcripts are imported each Friday into the Saba LMS IF you meet the following requirements:

  • You use your email address in your CITI Program profile. Other variations (e.g., are not picked up for importing into Saba training system. 
  • Non-MSU researchers cannot have their CITI transcripts automatically imported. However, you can get your training recorded in the system for IRB and other reviewers
    -- Get MSU CommunityID account for login -- Upload/attach CITI and other Transcripts

Departments or Colleges seeking to verify their students or post-doc CITI Program training (e.g. animal care, human subjects, responsible conduct of research) are welcome to contact us for report access. 

Human Subjects Protection

Beginning in summer 2015, MSU IRB project approval requires completion of the MSU Human Research Protection Program certification. CITI courses will no longer be required for re-certification. Researchers are still encouraged to take additional CITI training on special populations and clinical research.