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After adding Certification, register for the required course/s.

The difference between a certification, a course, or an offering?

The Certification is a wrapper that adds due dates, expiration dates and re-training reminders to your training profile. In addition to a course, you may be assigned the certification to track your regular re-training. 

A Course is a set of information. It can be offered or delivered in several formats or offerings (e.g. online, instructor-led, paper-based). Many courses will still only have an online/web offering, but many will also be scheduled instructor-led Offerings.

A certificate is a piece of paper that serves as documentation that you completed a specific offering of a course. 

When/How do I get assigned to a Certification?

  • Self-assign/register from Saba or from a link on the program's website.
  • Your supervisor can assign assign certifications to your account.
  • Safety officrs and other regulatory compliance personnel can assign certifications to your account.
  • You may automatically be assigned a certification upon hire or a new position.

When you complete the requirements of that Certification, it will move from your Home page list and to your My Certifications list, showing both assigned and aquired certifications.

What and Why a Certification?

Certification is pimarily used when a skill or condition is a legal, safety, or policy requirement. Certification acts as the container that can hold training. 

  • Email Notifications are handled by the Certification wrapper.
    You receive email notices of your required training, reminders of renewal dates, and expiration of training only if you are registered for the Certification.
  • You still choose and register for your course; but the process starts with registering for the Certification. Then you will be given direction to your choice of Course Offerings. 
  • Why are we doing this?  How & When do I get a certification? 

Do I need to register for the certification? I'm not required to take the training.

If you just want to take a course for fun, curiosity, or personal development, 

  • You do not need to register for a Certification. Just search for and register directly for the course offering. 
  • You will not receive any overdue notices for expired training.
  • Completed training will automatically be applied if later you are assigned the Certification.

Do I need to take it again if I already took it before registering for the Certification? 

You might complete training before being assigned a Certification. Or you might accidentally register for a course instead of starting with the Certification. 

If you need the Certification (It's required for your job) >> Register for it now.

  • The system will look back at your training history to see if you have already met the course completion requirement. If you are already registered for the course or have completed it, you will see a message letting you know you do not need to do anything further to complete your Certification registration process.

If you do NOT need the Certification >> You are done.

  • You do not need to do anything further. 
  • You will not receive any overdue notices for expired training.

Also, it is easy to drop a course and start over.

Why we are using Certifications? 

The new system still allows for qualifying people to do specific MSU jobs based on training. It allows giving options for how to meet the training requirement.

  • Can separate training required by law from those course records that were taken voluntarily or no longer required.
  • Can define target completion dates and and various re-training schedules
  • Can define email notifications at various stages (e.g. assignment, refresher reminders, expiration notice) and can limit emails to just those who are required to complete the training.
  • Can group multiple criteria (e.g. 3 different courses for a specific job). 
  • Get removed from a Certification (so I don't receive any more reminders)
  • Download Saba Learner/User guide.pdf

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