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Instructor-Led Events

General Online (Non-SCORM) Courses

Instructions and content that are delivered through a video, PDF, online quiz, link to a website or any combination of online activities.

SCORM Courses

SCORM courses in development can be tested in the Test Training Area.

Alternate Training

If your program occasionally considers acceptance of training from non-MSU sources in lieu of an MSU course, you can either:

  1. enter completions on a separate Alternate course that serves as a placeholder.
  2. enter a record for the standard MSU course (Waived), or

Each method would serve as documentation on any report for regulatory agencies.

1. Example settings if using an Alternate Course

Go to People > Find and select the Alternate course name. Set External, Finished, Requirement Met. Upload any documentation.
Recording history on alternate course


1. Example settings if manually recording waiver of standard training