Team Dashboard for Managers

Managers can use the Team Dashboard to view and assign training for your "team" (employees and students who report to you by department or on various projects). While the training system receives automatic updates from the HR system of formal manager-subordinate lists, report changes in your project personnel to

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  • How do I get Team Dashboard?

    You may already have it! Check the top-right corner of your Home page to see if you have a Go To: dropdown option for the Team Dashboard.

    Go To dropdow

    • Your Direct Team is pre-populated to reflect the MSU record of manager-subordinate relationships. This list is periodically updated to reflect changes to that database (*e.g. new hires, retirements, transfers to other department).
    • You can also create an Alternate Team or you can get Proxy View. Contact the HelpDesk for both options.
  • How Do I Add More People to My Team?

    You are responsible for ensuring training all personnel working in your lab, on a research project involving human subjects, or animals, or on a federal grant regardless of whether they are showing in your Direct Team. Add additional personnel that you supervisor into your Alternate Team by contacting the HelpDesk.

    • Your students and employees can also ask to be added to your team.
    • Some units also have an adminstrator with higher level privileges to add/delete team members.
    • To add someone, s/he must have a NetID or if a non-MSU associate on a project, s/he must establish a CommunityID.
    • To protect personal privacy, managers are not allowed to add personnel themselves because it would require giving access to the entire University list. You must have a legitimate reason for adding people to your team.
  • How Can I Remove People?

    Just contact the Helpdesk weekdays at 517-884-4600 or to remove someone from your team. You can also have they trainee contact us to change their manager.

    • person no longer works for me
    • no longer needs that training for their job
    • works for someone else, but I need to monitor their training occasionally (get reports, get proxy view)
    • is just a student in my class (get access to training roster instead of being their supervisor)
  • How do I assign training to my personnel?

    There are several ways to be assigned training requirements.

    1. Managers can assign certifications to their team or alternate team members (see image). You must be a manager in the system. If you do not see a subordinate student or employee on your Team Dashboard, contact or 517-884-4600 to have the person added.
    2. Safety officers, IRB administrator, Conflict of Interest Officer, and system administrators can assign specific training certifications to anyone in the system.
    3. Users/Trainees can self-register. If you know someone who needs training, you can tell them to login to Students and employees can also contact the Helpdesk to be added to your Dashboard.
    4. Send your employee the direct link. Each certification has a direct link. If you would like to email a link to a registration page, email

    Team Learning tab

  • Can I have a proxy to view and manage my personnel's training?

    It is against MSU Policy to use another person's NetID and password to access any MSU related computing system. However, you can give someone permission to view your screens using Proxy view.

    Examples of using a proxy:

    • You are a P.I. who doesn't have time to share certificates of completion of your team's training with a research coordinator or grant manager. Give the study coordinator proxy access.
    • You are going on vacation or sabbatical and need someone to monitor your personnels' training.
    • You have a large group nd want to avoid expiration emails by having a proxy monitor refresher training due dates.
    • You contact the Helpdesk with a problem they need to see. hen you contact the Helpdesk task, we can set-up a temporary proxy see your screen and how to fix the problem.
    • You've been given Reporter privilege cross your entire unit, but want a way to break down monitoring to smaller groups or individual labs. Be a proxy to several managers' Team Dashboards.

    How to set-up proxy access

    You must first be authorized and set-up as the other person's proxy.
    Contact the helpdesk any weekday at"
    Include manager's name (owner of the team/s), netID, name of proxy (netID), and the length of time (e.g. 2 weeks, 12 months, forever).

    Already Have Proxy/ies Set Up?

    You have proxy access to another user if you see the Proxy Mode at top-right ofyour screen.


    1. Click Proxy Mode (at top right of screen). Everyone who has given you authority to be their proxy will be shown. Select the person who you want to proxy. Click Close.
    2. You can navigate the screens as that person except you may be limited from some screens depending upon the person's request.
    3. When you are finished and want to return to your own desktop and/or log out, click Proxy Mode again, and click the Exit Proxy Mode button.

    How many proxies can I have?

    • You can have unlimited number of proxies -- either short term or long-term - viewing your screens.
    • You can limit their views to just your Team Dashboard or just certain tasks in the system.
    • You can be a proxy to many other people if your role at MSU requires it.

    Does the person know I can see their screen? Can someone else see what I am doing in Saba?

    • Proxy view only gives the viewer access to the security level view. It is not screensharing. You cannot see someone else's activity while they are using their own login and desktop. Someone else cannot see the proxy's access -- because the proxy only accesses the security/data.
    • However, all course registration, drops, course page views, quiz answers, time on tasks can be captured and viewed by the instructor and system administrators. Your training records are part of your MSU employee record and subject to audit by regulatory agencies, including OSHA,MIOSHA, NIH, NSF, HHS and possibly others.
  • Why am I getting emails about someone else's training?

    Managers are sent copies of training expiration emails to notify them of their subordinate's non-compliance which can affect project approvals and authorization to conduct certain activities. 

    Emails are sent to a trainee at the following points:

    • Thirty days prior to the end of the training certification period (30 day reminder before the due date)
    • Upon expiration of the training (if they did not complete their training before the due date)
  • Can I get more help updating my team and their training requirements?

    Contact the Helpdesk at 517-884-4600 or weekdays