About the training system

The compliance training system is used by any unit that requires training for employees, MSU affiliates, or students. 

Future Learning Management System (LMS) - Ability LMS!

After a year of analysis, Ability LMS by MaxIT has been selected to replace Saba LMS. The project will be fully implemented by December 2018. All current functionality will be maintained in the new system. Training records from Saba will be imported into Ability LMS. Connections to other MSU enterprise systems will be maintained. Ability Project

Profile of Current System Use

The Office of Regulatory Affairs training system supports many training programs. 

EHS courses completed = 49%. RCR courses completed = 22%


Training completions have grown exponentially over past 15 years
Some of the rise in training numbers can be attributed to better tracking. An increase in federal training requirements (e.g. RCR, TitleIX) have also increased compliance training. 

Link to 2016 Report of Enterprise effect of ORA training systemView the 2016 Report on ORA training system impact.pdf

The Compliance Training System is best used for:

  • training that is required per safety, security, research integrity, MSU policy, etc.
  • periodic refresher training (needing automated email reminders of due dates)
  • self-paced online courses, scheduled classroom instruction, zoom webinars, hands-on, or competency-based coaching, in-unit professional development
  • tracking training progress or status
  • Is my training right for the compliance training system.pdf

Contact the Office of Regulatory Affairs at train@ora.msu.edu or 517-884-0948 for more information on the compliance training system.