Reports & Other Data Access

Administrators can receive regular email updates on training or can get access to create or run their own reports.

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Get access to reports

Access to reports is limited because they may contain some protected information. Supervisors can view their employee's training records automatically (see Team Dashboard).  You can also authorize access for a proxy to view your dashboard.

Administrators can also request access by emailing You will be required to complete the online Saba LMS Access training.

System Integration - Data Updating

The training system is integrated with several other MSU system (periodic imports from SIS, HR-EBS, OSP, Click) primarily to de-activate accounts once someone has left MSU, but also to update manager-subordinate relationships and job titles.

  • MSU Single-sign-on (SSO) - NetID login updates name, department, and primary status.
  • EBS (Data Warehouse) - Training data is downloaded to EBS nightly. Allow two days for training to show up in the Click research approvals portal.
  • CITI Program - Training data is imported into Saba weekly.
  • AVMA-PLIT - Training data is imported into Saba weekly.
  • SIS - Student enrollment status is updated bi-annually (based on a formula that presumes students leave upon graduation, and/or after 2 semesters without enrollment).
  • HR-EBS - Weekly update of manager-subordinate relationships, job title, and employment status (only active employees are visible on reports).

Contact to discuss importing training records from other systems or accessing records in the regulatory system.

Reports Available

There are over 100 different reports available. Common reports are shown below.

Compiling data into a single report may not be practical given many employees work for multiple managers/departments/locations. Informal or temporary work assignments are not always recorded in HR-EBS. So update your subordinate list regularly (

Contact to request additional reports be added to the menu.

CERTIFICATION Compliance Status

For a specific certification:

  • status of everyone at once - Overdue, Aquired(complete), or just Assigned (but not registered or started the course)
  • who is overdue
  • how many are currently assigned to it
  • all who are required to take that training
  • results are shown on multiple pages
    (may not be best report for printing)


CERTIFICATION held by Internal Learners

Use if:

  • don't need the names alphabetized
  • just need PDF

COURSE Completion

You can filter by the following options:

  • by 1 or all courses
  • by 1 or all persons
  • 1 person, 1 course
  • all people for all courses (not recommended because of long length)



You will need to enter your department code.
Many units have more than one department code. Some people have more than one department.
Look-up Codes Table


RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research)

Sample RCR reportsStudents can print or email their transcript of CITI Programs courses or Grad School workshops or other RCR-related topics. They can print a certificate of completion for individual courses.

Academic personnel such as Grad Secretaries can receive periodic reports of CITI or other RCR training based on the academic major code. Alternatively, supervisors or Grad Secretaries can get their students added to their Team Dashboard for continuous monitoring of RCR training progress.