New Users

  • Enable pop-ups on your browser of choice
  • Click Launch button to renew/refresh your training records. 
  • An active MSU netID is required or guest ID. Review system access page for details.

We recommend the quick video below before using Ability. See also Basic User Guide (PDF)

Personal Assistance

Contact or 517-884-4600 weekdays

User Tips & Recent Changes to Ability

Course Review vs. Launch buttons

If you need to renew training, use the "Launch" button. Both buttons will launch the same course content. The review button is intended for users want to review a specific slide or section within previously completed course content, without having to re-register and complete the entire course. Users completing courses via the "Review" button will not get credit.

Manager Views

In addition to adding/assigning required tracks to your people, you can now also delete tracks using the X button.
People track view