The training compliance system supports learning that reduces risks to health, safety, security, and legal liability as well as encouraging best practices in research, operations, and outreach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

New Training System - Ability will replace Saba LMS in fall 2018. Visit the Ability survey to give input into options for the system settings. Check project progress.

Specific Training Programs - See general subject areas below for links to add required training. 

  • Animal Care Program

    Personnel involved in care, treatment, and use of animals by law must complete training in proper care and to minimize their use in teaching and research.

    The IACUC requires training specific to each project involving animals to ensure their proper care.
    Campus Animal Resources (CAR) also develops and delivers training in animal care and provide facility orientations.

    Animal handlers must understand the potential health hazards of their work.
    The Environmental Health & Safety unit provides training and information.

    Veterinary clinic students and staff should also review the AVMP-PLIT tab below.



    MSU’s Environmental Health & Safety has approved the use of AVMA-PLIT courses for students only. Accessing AVMA-PLIT online training is easy.

    LOGIN Link - Use AFTER you have created a new account (below).

    CORRECTION: The AVMA course mentions dumping chemicals into sink. Instead, refer to MSU Waste Disposal Guide.pdf.  

    Create a new AVMA account 

    1. Sign-Up

    Even if you have an existing account, you must create a new account under the MSUCVM team. If you already have another account that used your email address, you may use it again. Go to  

    First Name: No nicknames

    Last Name: Full last name as currently used at MSU (check if unsure)

    Email: Your NETID@

    • You MUST use your basic email address in order to get credit in the MSU training system. 
    • Do NOT use a variant (e.g. or accounts).  

    Code: MSUCVM

    2. Check your email

    An email will be sent to the email address that you provided with a link for you to finish registering and start your courses. If you do not receive the email, be sure to check your SPAM or junk folders. You will be asked to create a password. 

    3. Create a unique passcode and remember it. 

    This is NOT an MSU website. Do NOT use the same passcode you use for your NetID in other MSU identity systems. 


    As shown above at 

    To access your course after you have logged out, simply go the following URL above and enter your (this is your user name) and new password to log back into the system.

    Documenting Your Training

    Your AVMA-PLIT training completion records will be imported into the regulatory training system monthly.

    Questions or

    Printable AVMA Instructions.pdf


  • CITI Programs

    Click to Login to with your NetIDUse this registration link for MSU NetID login and to ensure your records are imported into the MSU system each week. 

    Important information for registering for the right RCR or GCP program is available on our CITI Programs page.


    • Animal Care
    • Clinical Research
    • Data Security
    • Responsible Conduct of Research
    • Export controls


  • Environmental Health & Safety

    Visit the EHS website to learn about their many training programs.


  • Health Team (HIPAA & Fraud Awareness)

    MSU's Health Team Compliance unit oversees the development and delivery online courses and the assignment to specific employees.

    You will be notified when you are required to take the following training:

    • HIPAA Overview is required for All HealthTeam providers and staff Fraud Awareness is required for:
      - Staff if you assist with billing or have access to confidential patient financial/health information (EHR)
      - Providers if they direct bill for services

    • You can always login at (above) where you will see any training currently due listed under your Home tab.




  • Human Subjects (HRPP/IRB/GCP)

    New IRB project review/approval system


    Human Research Protection Program (HRPP/IRB) training certification


    Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

    Refresher training required every 3 years.
    Three (3) options for initial training.
    Register for the certification

    • Online NIH training - Select Path 1 during the above certification registration. Continue to access online course in Saba.
    • CITI programs training - Select Path 2 during certification registration. Exit to complete the GCP course at CITI
    • Review & acceptance of previous GCP training - Select Path 3 during certification registration. Submit documentation of previous GCP training. For assistance, email


  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

    What training do I need?

    Requirements vary. 

    Graduate Student - The Grad School has developed guidelines effective Fall 2016 (MSU Grad School Chart.pdf). All academic units must provide RCR training plans. Thus, your college or department may require additional training (all unit plans).

    Federal Project - If working under a federal grant, that agency's requirements must also be met including NSF, or USDA-NIFA, NIH, or if conducting research involving animals or human subjects. (Federal agency requirements)

    Online Training

    CITI Programs - The Grad School recommends 4 initial and follow-up modules -

    IACUC and IRB training - Your department may recommend training that meets other MSU research requirements.

    In-Person Instruction

    The Grad School Workshop Series -

    Other in-person RCR events may include department seminars or individual coaching by your PI. 

    Documentation of RCR Training

    Students can access their certificates of completion for each course or run a transcript report. Academic program directors and graduate secretaries can request reports based on academic major for graduate students. Contact the helpdesk ( or 517-884-4600).