Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What's the difference between a certification, a course, or an offering?

    In addition to a course, you may be assigned the certification to track your regular re-training. The Certification is a wrapper that adds due dates, expiration dates and refresher email reminders to your account.

    A Course is a set of information. It can be offered or delivered in several formats or offerings (e.g. online, instructor-led, paper-based). Many courses will still only have an online/web offering, but many will also be scheduled instructor-led Offerings.

    A certificate is a printable documentation that you completed a specific offering of a course.
  • When/How do I get assigned to a Certification?
    • Self-assign/register from Saba or from a link on the program's website.
    • Your supervisor can assign assign certifications to your account.
    • Safety or other compliance officers may assign certifications to your account.
    • You may automatically be assigned a certification upon hire or a new position.

    When you complete the requirements of that Certification, it will move from your Home page list and to your My Certifications list, showing both assigned and acquired certifications.

  • What does Acquired, In-Progress, Expired, or Overdue mean?

    If you are required to take specific training, a certification requirement will assigned to you and a due date (typically immediately or 30 days depending on the risk involved).

    Your certification status is Assigned until you register for the appropriate course/s.

    Your certification status is Overdue if you do not complete the training by the initial due date after assignment.

    Your certification status is Acquired when you have completed all requirements. For some certifications, this status is temporary and you will need to complete refresher training to maintain your Acquired status. Acquired status indicates compliance.

    Your certification status will change to Expired if you fail to complete refresher training by the due date. This status is temporary. If you complete the training after the due date, your status will again change to Acquired. If you do not, the training certification is re-assigned. Your status may change to Assigned or Overdue - both are non-compliant statuses.


  • Do I need to register for the certification? I'm not required to take the training?

    No. If you just want to take a course for fun, curiosity, or personal development, you do not need to register for a Certification. Just search for and register directly for the course offering. 

    • You will not receive any overdue notices for expired training.
    • Completed training will automatically be applied if later you are assigned the Certification.
  • Do I need to take a course again if I already took it before registering for the Certification?

    Not as long as your most recent completion falls within the required refresher training schedule.

  • What if I don't need training any longer?

    If you no longer require training because your job or studies have changed, your supervisor can contact the helpdesk to have the requirement (certification) removed from your account.

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  • Why do I have to take the longer initial training over again? Why can't I just take the refresher training?

    Some regulations and/or policies require more rigorous training if a specified amount of time has passed since the last training was taken. The current training system automatically sends trainees back to initial training if training is not completed by the due date.

    There are some exceptions

  • Nursing and other complex certifications

    The Nursing Research Certification is self-assigned using the following link - https://goo.gl/fTEFBr

    Registration is complex because this certification wraps around other training certifications and depends upon the specifics of each person's training history.

    You may encounter screens that indicate no action. See the Nursing Certification page for more guidance. This page may be helpful for registering for other complex certifications such as Human Subjects and GCP.

Video Walk-Thru of Registration

After adding Certification, register for the required course/s.